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Bitter – Sweet “Mini-Me”

Well my mini-me is complete!

I have been drooling over a dressform for years. There are several very nice ones on the market pricing from $100 to over $1,000. And it seemed as if the more I looked the more I realized there was a pretty good chance that those on the open market wouldn’t quite measure up to my fine physique 🙂 Their measurements were all off and although I know you can make adjustments to the manufactured forms I really can’t afford to shell out that kind of money for something that I wouldn’t be happy with.

I have read several articles  on the “duct tape dressform” and always thought there is no way this could work. . .  duct tape really . . . how could this work. And then there is the thought of getting taped up . . . really! But than again what did I have to loose. If it doesn’t work I can always chalk it up to a learning experience and go out and make the investment on a ready made form.

So first there was the research. There are some very good blog post out there with step by step instructions and pictures. After getting the concept in my head it was then time to go out and purchase the supplies. I spent hours in our local Lowe’s and Home Depot. I think the workers in the store thought I was probably a little insane. I’d pick something up . . . walk around and bring it back (I’m really glad hubby wasn’t with me on this excursion, as his patience would have worn off within 15 minutes). After everything was in place we set out a couple of hours to start the tapping process. All I can say is . . . go to the toilet first 🙂 it is a little difficult once you are taped up.


First layer of tape.


First layer

Second layer of tape


Final layer

Final layer of tape

After the final layer came the really scary part. Phil had to cut me out of the tape! We made it through with only a few minor cuts. I used a piece of black rib knit I had on hand for another project to cover Lene. Here is the final project.


It was a bitter sweet experience. My mini-me turned out to be a pretty accurate replica which was the sweet part. My mini-me also turned out to be a pretty accurate replica which is the bitter part. I’ve always wondered what I look like and now I know (I really have to hit the gym). I am hoping I will be ready to do this again in a couple of months after I get some of these curves readjusted, but I am really not going to hold my breath.

I can already tell that I am going to enjoy working with my mini-me. Lene as I will call her is going to be a big help with all the sewing projects I have lined up.

Here’s to sewing with a bodyform!

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